Sometime around eighth grade, I saved up to buy my first camera. My father was an amateur photographer during his youth and encouraged me to take photos, giving me a lot of guidance and advice. Eventually, I was drawn to the organic nature of film photography, prompted by my grandfather gifting me his camera from the ‘50s. From there I continued my self-taught practice and yet again, my father helped me further by surprising me with a more dynamic film camera. Through years of trial and error and without even really realizing, I starting developing my own style.

My passion lies heavily in photographing nature. I spend so much of my time in natural settings, a somewhat serendipitous pairing for the hobby. I’m fortunate enough to have experienced other cultures, which is strengthened by the memories associated with the photos of those settings. I love portraiture, though I find it the most difficult. I’d say it’s heavily influenced by my friends and their supposed obliviousness to me taking their photos. My main medium is 35mm film, which always seems to capture moments perfectly.

I think in the digital age we all sometimes find ourselves guilty of being concerned with solely the photo, something I’ve actively tried to move away from over the years. Film has really helped me in that aspect. Despite the bad exposures and awkward facial expressions that happen more than I’d like, being able to simply take a photo without looking at it until it’s developed is so valuable. I see the irony in saying this and making a photo website, but fuck it.

I currently attend UC Santa Barbara and am pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science. Photography is, and will be for the foreseeable future, a creative outlet for me. I made this website to showcase some of my favorite scenes and moments, so I hope whoever views them is able to see that.